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User Experience (UX)

How does a user feel before, during and after using a product, software or service?


The are the emotions that a users feels before, during and after using a solution of any kind. It can be a product, software or service.

Aspects of UX Design

There are several aspects that affect the user experience someone has with a product, software or service. The most important aspect is the usability which represents how easy it is to use the system and how efficient a user can fulfil the tasks that should be executed.

Another important aspect of the user experience is the brand that offers the product, software or service. There are brands that have a very good reputation regarding specific topics and that image that users have about a brand affect the experience they will have when they interact with a product, software or service.

The User Interface (UI) is key!

The usability as we said before plays an essential role when evaluating the user experience. A core requirement for a good usability is the user interface which is everything where a user can give input to a solution or receive output from it.

Usability Test & Study Design

A usability test is often also named a user test or user testing but that is misdirecting because not the users are tested by the ...

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