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A pixel can be described as a color point inside an image or on a display.

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UX Wiki's most read articles this month!


The analysis phase is designed to gain insights into the most important elements of the project.

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A product, software and service all have a usability. The usability represents how easy it is to fulfil a goal with the solution t...

#usability #userexperience

UX Workflow

The UX Workflow is basically divided into five phases. The analysis phase, the prototyping phase, the visual design phase, the imp...

#uxworkflow #analysis

Usability Test & Study Design

A usability test is often also named a user test or user testing but that is misdirecting because not the users are tested by the ...

#usability #usabilitytest

User Interface (UI)

The user interface are all elements where a user can receive output from a system or can give input into it.

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