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Customer Experience

The feelings during the buying process.


The customer experience shows how the people purchasing a product, software or service feel before, during or after the purchase.

The user experience makes user rather want to have a solution than being without it and the customer experience makes customers rather return to a certain dealer than having to go to someone else.

Many factors for a positive customer experience!

The customer experience relies on multiple aspects live the pricing, the solution itself, the employees/experts for the purchasing support and also the environment/the store when speaking about a local store. Many of these factors can also be found in the marketing mix within the 4Ps or 7Ps.

When the store is an online shop many of the aspects of a local store apply to it also but the UX Workflow also needs to be applied to the creation process of the online shop to create a usability and user experience that will make the customers return.

User Experience (UX)

The are the emotions that a users feels before, during and after using a solution of any kind. It can be a product, software or se...

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