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Design Thinking

Problem solving in five phases


Design thinking is very similar to the UX workflow as it also is about finding a problem that the team then will find a solution for which will be evaluated in the end. These are the five stages of design thinking:


In the first phase the team needs to understand what the challenge is and needs to gain as many insights into the scenario they are working on.

Problem Definition

During the second phase the project will be brought down to one specific problem which is based on all the information that was collected during the first phase.

Idea generation

During the third phase many ideas will be collected by using e.g. creative techniques to generate as many ideas as possible.

Prototype Creation

In the fourth phase a prototype will be created by the team. This is the solution fo the problem they defined in the second phase and it will also be what they will deliver to the users for the fifth phase.


During the last phase a testing will be done in the best case with real users as they can give the best feedback!

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