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The perfect graphical asset for UX Designers!


A Designbeam combines a moodboard with a persona and a use context visualisation.

For UX Designers the end users play an essential role during the creation process of a solution. These users are represented in one or multiple persona depending on the project size. The use context plays an important role as the effects on the product, software or service are significant. These two aspects are from the analysis of the UX Workflow and are both presented in a Designbeam. The third element of a Designbeam is the moodboard which shows the design direction of the solution the UX Designers want to go into.

Advantage for all stakeholders

The big advantage of having one Designbeam compared to having one or multiple separated Persona, Moodboards and Use Contexts is that everything is represented in one digital asset and therefore all stakeholders know what everyone else is talking about.